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Service Watch Systems sells disk drives for Melco EMC type embroidery machines including Melco EMC 10T, EMC10, EMC6, EMC 6mtl, EMC 10/4T, EMC 6, EMC10/4, EMC1 and carries the premier keyboard for the Melco EP1.  Prices for used Melco embroidery equipment can be found on this site in the used sectionsMelco repair service videos are available including Melco parts like the Melco network card instead of the Melco PCI card, Melco power supply and Melco software training.  The Melco EMC disk drives are inexpensive and easy to install and allow you to run your Melco EMC embroidery machines without a computer making it more mobile or just easier to sell.

Disk Drive for Melco EMC Machine

Disk drive for Melco EMC type machine EMC 6 EMC 10T

Is your Melco EMC embroidery machine compatible?

(Melco Compatibility page)

 INSTRUCTIONS for locating the EMC 6/4  motherboard

If you have a Melco EMC type  Embroidery machine or are thinking of  buying a used one, you really should consider buying this disk drive! The drive installs quickly and easily and can be positioned anywhere on the machine. This disk drive will also function while plugged in to a Melco computer.  These drives are compatible with the  EMC10T, EMC 10/4T, EMC1 and most EMC6 and EMC 6mtl machines

No more network cables!

Let's face it, back in the day, when these machine were new, connecting to the computer was great.  However, to upgrade these old machines to connect to newer computers costs well over $1000.  That could be a small price to pay for a few, however a lot of EMC owners have different software they use to digitize with and cant  justify spending that much money just to make this machine sew.  Eliminating the "network cable" problem has TONS of benefits and really breathes new life into this great machine.

Now you can even upgrade your software since you no longer need an old,  "MELCO network card compatible computer",  This is the only disk drive specially made to work with Melco EMC type embroidery machines. 

Take this machine on the road!

The EMC type machines were born to go mobile, yet having to connect to a computer made that nearly impossible.  NOW, with this disk drive,  you can take your Melco EMC embroidery machine anywhere!  Bring it to craft shows, boat shows, horse shows.  Using a floppy disk gives you the freedom to place the machine anywhere in a shop, house, road show or showroom without worrying about running network cable from the computer to the machine.

No more old computers!

A lot of EMC owners out there are still using EDS III and an old 386 computer because they know that, not only so they have to pay lots of money to upgrade the computer connection....but also upgrade their software!  This is the most affordable option for almost EVERY EMC owner out there.  Keep your older software....upgrade it later......buy different software......whatever you want to do, at least your machine will run independently!!!!!

No more special network cards hogging up a PCI slot!

The special Melco network card is just another part that can go bad and bring your embroidery to a halt.  Why not eliminate that possibility?  Computers can drive you crazy when all of a sudden they cant recognize the printer,  how about suddenly not recognizing your EMBROIDERY MACHINE?? yah, now your flipping out!!

This impressive, easy-to-use add-on for your Melco EMC Embroidery Machine will add years of life to your machine and save you hundreds of dollars in down time!

Don't get rid of that old machine........this disk drive can turn it into a MONEY MAKER!

This product is for you...

    *      If your switching to a different embroidery software, this is the product for you.
    *      If you are selling your EMC machine and want everyone to be able to use it, this product is for you.
    *       If your old Melco computer died and you need a new computer...this Drive is for YOU!
    *      If you are thinking of taking your machine on the road...This Disk Drive is for you

This really is a product you can't afford to be without.

If you have a Melco EMC type  Embroidery machine or are thinking of buying a used one, you know that this industry leading machine is kind of stuck in the mud of "old technology".   It's reliance on booting up and loading designs through a network card and computer was cutting edge when this machine was new, but now has become a very expensive road block for new and existing owners.  This is a small price to pay to get your EMC machine running and Making Money!!!

$395 Delivered



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