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Melco disk drive compatibility page for Melco machines and Melco motherboard. Service Watch Systems sells disk drives for Melco EMC type machines including the EMC 10T, EMC10, EMC6, EMC 6mtl, EMC 10/4T, EMC 6, EMC10/4, EMC1 and carries the premier keyboard for the Melco EP1.  Used Melco embroidery equipment can be found on this site in the used sections.  Melco service videos are available including Melco parts like the Melco network card instead of the Melco PCI card, Melco power supply and Melco software training. The Melco EMC disk drives are inexpensive and easy to install and allow you to run your Melco EMC machines without a computer making it more mobile or just easier to sell.

Disk Drive Compatibility With MELCO EMC

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type embroidery machines are compatible

EMC10T,EMC 10,EMC 10/4,EMC10/4 T

Melco EMC Compatibility

INSTRUCTIONS for locating the motherboard on the EMC6/4

Most EMC 6 type embroidery machines ARE compatible
The EMC 6 type embroidery machine with Tajima heads (black heads) are not compatible with this disk drive.  The CPU board does not have the connections and does not support the disk drive

Melco EMC 10 compatibility

INSTRUCTIONS for locating the motherboard on the EMC6/4

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